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Purpose built to serve our clients and those of our parent company, nimble enough to develop unique solutions and staffed by innovative industry professionals, our goal is to build sustainable, forward-looking, focused and profitable opportunities with integrity for our clients.


Originally incorporated in 1985, in 2011 we renamed our company Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company with a renewed focus on broadening our primary capabilities in service of existing TransRe customers and those companies and administrators/brokers who had unique needs and sought innovative solutions. Why Fair American? We take our name from one of the most renowned ships of the Revolutionary War. The Fair American was a brig built in 1778 that sailed out of South Carolina and later Philadelphia.

In her day, the Fair American was nimble, exceptionally fast, and highly successful. In the words of author John Lehman, she was an “obviously fast purpose built” vessel manned by a small, highly skilled and exceptionally successful crew, focused on the singular mission to serve the newly formed republic.

Today, abbreviated as FAIRCO, we are a small, focused and highly skilled group of insurance professionals determined to serve the needs of our clients. Nimble, fast, and purpose built to serve the unique needs of the insurance industry, FAIRCO seeks to expand upon the reputation of its namesake and contribute to the success of whatever project our clients seek to undertake.

Parent Companies

TransRe is the brand name of Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. and its principal operating subsidiaries (Transatlantic Reinsurance Company, TransRe London Limited, and TransRe Zurich Ltd.). Transatlantic Reinsurance Company is a leading global reinsurer headquartered in New York, New York. Since 1978 TransRe has offered clients the capacity, necessary expertise and creativity, both on a treaty and facultative basis, to structure programs across the full spectrum of property, casualty and specialty risks through its principal subsidiaries. Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. is a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.