Madden-Julian Oscillation, Global Climate Influencer

The Madden-Julian Oscillation is a slow-moving atmospheric pattern that impacts global tropical and sub-tropical weather.

Arctic Oscillation, Global Climate Influencer

Arctic Oscillation indicates the difference in sea-level pressure between the North Pole and the northern mid-latitudes.

China's Natural Hazards: An Introduction

An overview of the major risks in China: an introduction to the science behind typhoons, monsoons, winter storms, drought and earthquakes, and the implications for local insurers.

New Madrid Seismic Zone: Implications for Insurers

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is potentially one of the geographically largest and most hazardous earthquake zones within the United States.

European Extratropical Cyclones: Implications for Local Insurers

Extratropical Cyclones that form in the North Atlantic are, on average, the second most destructive insured natural catastrophe worldwide (after Atlantic hurricanes).

El Niño Southern Oscilliation, Global Climate Influencer

El Niño Southern Oscillation is the anomalous and recurring pattern of cold and warm patches of water periodically developing off the western coast of South America.

Flood and Drought Assessments of Brazil: Implications for Local Insurers

Weather has become increasingly extreme and destructive over the past 15 years in Brazil.

Tropical Cyclone Assessment of Mexico: Implications for Local Insurers

Mexico’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts have both been affected by more extreme and destructive tropical cyclones in the past 15 years.